Providing free and low-cost resources and services to the St. Louis’s art community does come with costs. Donate or volunteer now to help create, improve, and grow responsive programming that’s relevant to originating artists of all disciplines, collectives, and emerging arts organizations.


Fiscal Sponsorship
This unique program offers individual artists, collectives, and emerging organizations the ability to solicit tax-deductible contributions and grants as well as oversight from MAPS staff for individual projects.



MAPS offers several options for low-cost, one-on-one or email consultation to best support individual artist’s needs. Submit a consultation request to receive high-quality mentorship on a range of diverse topics including grant application reviews, marketing, fundraising, and more.


MAPS Favicon Midwest Artist Project Services (MAPS) offers free or low-cost resources for working artists in all disciplines, collectives, and emerging arts organizations in the St. Louis region and beyond. MAPS aims to promote new and sustainable growth in the arts through funding opportunities, consultation, and providing access to best solutions for the current issues that affect artists.