Flood Plain is a non-profit storefront artspace located on Cherokee Street, in the Gravois Park neighborhood of St. Louis, MO. Flood Plain is dedicated to the idea of art as a means for imagining new ways of being, and of being together, in the world. Our goal is to support the St. Louis art community by providing a space where artists and audiences can come together around socially engaged and aesthetically and intellectually challenging exhibitions, performances, and events.Additionally, Flood Plain is dedicated to increasing connections between art communities throughout the Midwest and South through a program of “exchange” shows organized with galleries located in other cities in these regions. Through this project, Flood Plain aims to expand exhibition opportunities for St. Louis-based artists and facilitate dialogues through art regarding the common (and/or divergent) cultures and histories shared by communities living in these areas.


Donate to this project with a credit card by selecting “donate” above. Checks are also accepted and must be made out to Midwest Artist Project Services and include the project name in the memo line. Please mail checks to:

Midwest Artist Project Services
Attn: Flood Plain
PO Box 2226
St. Louis, MO 63158