Sonic Stories is a collaborative effort to generate original audio storytelling projects in St Louis Missouri. Led by sound designer and sound artist Adam Frick, this collection of projects includes: Fablist, audio fables for modern families; Welcome Thru Effingham, a sketch comedy podcast; Socially Awkward Superheroes, a new serialized podcast; The Behavior of Earthlings, a science fiction / world history storytelling project for kids; and UnHeardOf St. Louis, an interactive audio map telling stories from St Louis history. Our goal is to tell a wide range of amazing stories amazingly well, and in so doing create a culture where audio is a valued and important medium of artistic expression.

If you would like to donate online to a specific audio project—Fablist, Welcome Thru Effingham, Socially Akward Superheroes, The Behavior of Earthlings, or UnHeardOf St. Louis— please make sure to include the project name in the “Add an additional note to merchant” box at check out.






To make a donation with a credit card please select “donate” above. Checks are also accepted and must be  made out to Midwest Artist Project Services and include the project name in the memo line. Please mail checks to:

Midwest Artist Project Services
Attn: Sonic Stories, audio project name (Fablist, Welcome Thru Effingham, Socially Awkward Superheroes, The Behavior of Earthlings, or UnHeardOf St. Louis)
PO Box 2226
St. Louis, MO 63158