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At Gladiator Consulting, we believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to working with nonprofit organizations.  We take a client-centered holistic approach that starts with a comprehensive needs analysis across our four core business areas.  We work with you to understand what needs are most pressing, and many clients are surprised to find that we help them uncover a root cause of an issue that needs to be addressed, rather than wasting time and resources tackling a mere symptom of a problem.  We don’t dance around issues. We approach them head-on with brutal honesty and compassionate problem-solving.

Working with Artists
Gladiator Consulting seeks to partner with organizations in the grassroots or capacity building phase of their growth.  These organizations are passionate and with few resources, are already moving the needle for those they serve.  Together with our clients, Gladiator Consulting seeks to create a community that is more vibrant, more equitable and inspiring to all who live and thrive here.

Gladiator offers consulting services in four primary areas: fundraising, leadership development, research/planning, and external relations.

Fees vary by project and can be billed hourly or by project, depending on the type of service requested.

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Help Improve COMPASS
In order to improve COMPASS we invite artists, collectives, and nonprofits to share their feedback by filling out a short survey. Thank you in advance for your participation, we look forward to hearing from you!



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